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Documents & Files

Below you will find files Meeting Minutes, and other various documents. If you have any or do not see a document listed that you need please contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to most questions that we are asked can be found in the documents below. 

Some quick answers to our most frequently asked questions are as follows:

  • Can I install a fence, build a deck, paint my door, etc?

    Please complete the Lot Change Request Form and email a copy to
    or mail to PO Box 261, Dover, PA 17315

  • I have an issue with a road, sewer, or another asset. Who do I contact?

    The Dover Township Board of Supervisors has the responsibility for maintenance of township-owned equipment and facilities. The Board holds regular meetings and the public is invited to attend. The schedule can be found on the Township's website - Dover Township Meeting Schedule

  • I would like to use a common area for an event, how can I request that

    Please complete the Common Area Request Form in the links below. Requests should be submitted 30 days prior to the

    sure to check the calendar to make sure that the date you wish is available. It is found here.

  • Can I pay my dues online or with a credit card?

    Yes, beginning in 2018, the HOA accepts payments online via its Paypal account. At this time, only the annual common dues can be paid. A surcharge, retained by Paypal, does apply. Visit the payment page for more information.

  • Why is there a surcharge if I pay my dues online?

    This surcharge is charged by PayPal for the costs of merchant fees. The HOA does not retain any portion of this.

  • What do my dues cover?

    The common dues are voted on annually at the HOA Meeting (mailings are sent to all homeowners with date, time, and location). The dues will provide the funding necessary for the HOA to finance it's expenses. These expenses include, but are not limited to, maintenance of the common areas, insurance on the board and the common grounds, community events, legal fees, our website, storm water/retention pond maintenance, post office box fees, postage, bank fees, and office supplies (paper, ink, envelopes).

    The HOA By-laws also specifically give the Executive Board the authority to levy any special assessments to lot owners as might be necessary during any calendar year. The Executive Board does not take this authority lightly. While the budget is prepared in good faith each year to cover all known expenses for the upcoming year, special circumstances may arise and a special assessment may be levied in addition to the common dues.

  • How often are the common areas mowed?

    The approved budget funds 15 bi-weekly mowings to commence each year during mid-April and end in early November. Inclement weather has the potential of delaying these mowings by a few days.

    McCabe's Lawn Care & Landscaping performs our mowing.

  • I've witnessed a crime/someone has committed a crime against me, who should I call?

    Please contact the Northern York County Regional Police Department by dialing 911. After doing that, please contact us so that we may keep the community informed. Be advised that the information we give to the community will be general warnings about recent trends and will not contain names and/or addresses.

  • Who are the members of the executive board?

    Please see the "Contact Us" page for current listing

We have been made aware of a report regarding the theft of delivered packages within our community. Please read through the below tips provided by the Northern York County Regional Police Department:

- If possible, have your package delivered to a location where it can be received and signed for by a trusted person.

- Ask neighbors who are home during the day to watch for deliveries and hold your packages until you arrive home.

- Request that the shipper holds the package at their facility for pickup.

- Track deliveries online and confirm delivery has occurred.

valuable items.

- Provide delivery instructions so packages are left out of sight from the street.

- Show off your home security system; make sure you have a sign in the front yard. - - If you have security cameras, make sure potential thieves know they’re there, and if you have a doorbell camera, use it.

- Sign up for email notifications from FedEx, UPS and businesses like Amazon to track your package from initial shipment to its arrival at your home or the recipient’s address if you have the gift delivered directly.

- If you are a victim of crime or have witnessed a crime, please contact the police by dialing 911

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